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A Learning Journey

491 Practicum Reflection

What have I learned? I have learned that I am more capable and resilient than I had previously given myself credit for. I have learned that it is not as hard as I thought it would be to learn and… Continue Reading →

2021 L’hulh’usts’ut’en Indigenous Day of Learning

The 2021 Lhulh’uts’ut’en Indigenous Day of Learning was inspirational. The addresses of the opening keynote speakers were thought provoking. Clayton Gauthier welcomed us by sharing a Women’s Creation Story and the importance of women in First Peoples culture, reminding all… Continue Reading →

Looking Ahead to 491 Practicum

My main goals for this practicum lay in three areas: The first is classroom management. I hope to utilize what I have learned about First People’s Principles of Learning, particularly the insight that came at the end of last semester’s… Continue Reading →

The Covert Antagonist: A Harrowing Tale of Inquiry

EDUC 441: Innovative Community Based Approaches The learning for this course was culminated through an inquiry project. You can see the full PowerPoint by following this link: Inquiry Project for 441 PowerPoint I have to admit that I was not… Continue Reading →

Learning About Inclusive Education

EDUC 336: Inclusive Education For me, the learning for this course culminated in an explanation of the ADAPT strategy and potential adaptation strategies for a particular case study. Adaptations for An Exceptional Learner The ADAPT strategy consist of the following… Continue Reading →

The Pie Ad-Vantage

EDUC 361: Curriculum and Instruction My learning for this course culminated in a Helicopter Vantage Point View of Education assignment with Pie as a metaphor. The PowerPoint can be viewed through the following link: The Pie Ad-Vantage My comparison suggests that… Continue Reading →

Capstone Learning from Career Mapping

EDUC 401: Career Education, and EDUC 402: Diverse Classrooms For my project, I did some career mapping. After the learning in these courses, I could see how events, people, or other factors influenced my decisions. The theories became more applicable… Continue Reading →

Strengths and Stretches in EDUC 490 Practicum

My learning experiences for the EDUC 490 Practicum were vast and substantial. My strengths as a teacher are facilitating discussion and asking questions that move the learning forward. I know these components are working firstly, because my coaching teacher complimented… Continue Reading →

Where Inquiry Leads

For my 405 inquiry approach I chose Dive into inquiry. I chose this strategy firstly because it seems the most manageable, with a do “what you can, when you can, and apply what you can” (de la Mare 2017) approach… Continue Reading →

Relationships and Time Management in EDUC 391 Practicum

I enjoyed the EDUC 391 practicum experience immensely, and I’m a little sad that it is over. I found it incredible to realize the relationships that can be formed over a few short weeks, and I am inspired by the… Continue Reading →

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